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Starworks Fellowships

 NYU Graduate Creative Writing Program students selected each year to serve one of approximately three Starworks Fellows at sites throughout the city. Formerly run by the Starworks Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded in 1994 by generous NYU Graduate Creative Writing alumna Victoria Geduld, The Starworks Fellowship Program now operates under the umbrella of the enCourage Kids foundation.

Starworks brightens the lives of hospitalized and environmentally at-risk children by encouraging creative expression in the literary arts. In hospitals and other institutions throughout the New York City metropolitan area, children ages five through eighteen write poems and stories at bedside and in classes with Starworks Fellows. The children's writing projects are celebrated through readings and inclusion in anthology publications. Starworks Fellowships provide a generous stipend along with half-tuition remission for the year (two free classes) in exchange for six to eight hours of teaching per week, attendance at a monthly practicum, organizing an end-of-the-year reading, and creating an anthology of student work.